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Best Beach Ball

Published July 8, 2021
Best Beach Ball

After 45 hours spent researching the best beach ball, I think Sol Coastal Beach Behemoth Giant 12-Foot Beach Ball is the best for most people.

This choice is based on several criteria: brand, class, type, size, material, color, panels, inflation, closure, sturdy, durable, fun, waterproof, recommended age, and best use, among other things.

Sol Coastal Beach Behemoth Giant 12-Foot Beach BallBest
$91.15Updated Jul. 24, 2021
GoFloats Giant Inflatable Jumbo 6-Foot Beach BallBest
$36.71Updated Jul. 24, 2021
Big Mo 12-Pack Inflatable 16-Inch Rainbow Beach BallBest
$13.99Updated Jul. 24, 2021
 ProductPriceOverall RatingQualityFunDurabilityAppearanceValue for Moneybrandclasstypesizematerialcolorpanelsinflationclosuresturdydurablefunwaterproofrecommended agebest use
Sol Coastal Beach Behemoth Giant 12-Foot Beach BallSol Coastal Beach Behemoth Giant 12-Foot Beach Ball$91.154.95554.55Sol CoastalGiantInflatable12 ftVinylBlue, red, yellow6Electric pump (not included)Airtight valveYesYesYesYes12years+Pool
GoFloats Giant Inflatable Jumbo 6-Foot Beach BallGoFloats Giant Inflatable Jumbo 6-Foot Beach Ball$36.714.854.554.55GoFloatsJumboInflatable6 ftVinylBlue, yellow, red, green, white, pink6Electric pump (not included)Airtight valveYesYesYesYes12years+Pool
4E’s Novelty 12-Pack Inflatable 20-Inch Beach Ball4E’s Novelty 12-Pack Inflatable 20-Inch Beach Ball$14.994.34.5444.54.54E's NoveltyClassicInflatable1.7 ftVinylBlue, orange, yellow, white, red, green6Electric pump (not included)Airtight valveYesYesYesYes3years+Beach, lake, pool
Big Mo 12-Pack Inflatable 16-Inch Rainbow Beach BallBig Mo 12-Pack Inflatable 16-Inch Rainbow Beach Ball$13.994.244.5444.5Big MoClassicInflatable1.3 ftVinylBlue, green, yellow, orange, red, white6Electric pump (not included)Airtight valveYesYesYesYes3years+Beach, lake, pool
Intex Oversized Inflatable 3.5-Foot Beach BallIntex Oversized Inflatable 3.5-Foot Beach BallCheck Price4.6544.54.55IntexOvesizedInflatable3.5 ftVinylWhite, pink, green, blue12Electric pump (not included)Airtight valveYesYesYesYes3years+Beach, lake, pool

For some people there’s nothing better than pitching their beach tent or beach umbrella and reading a book by the waves. For others, the goodies in a stocked beach cooler are all that’s needed to enjoy a fun day on the sand.

Then there are those beachgoers for whom lying on a beach mat with a sun hat shading their face just isn’t enough. These are the more active folks; the lovers of beach toys. Their beach bag isn’t stuffed with sunscreen, a beach towel, and a beach umbrella anchor like most, but with water shoes, volleyball sets and enough gear to fill a beach cart.

If your idea of the perfect day at the beach is running around in the sand playing games with friends, you are most likely a lover of beach balls, probably the most popular and entertaining beach toy of all.

Beach balls are not for people who’d rather sit in their beach chair all day trying to make sure the sand stays out of their flip flops. They are for people who love jumping, throwing and pouncing the afternoon away.

A great distraction for kids (and adults) while the less active sit around the beach table, beach balls have always been a welcome sight. If you’d rather be running around on the sand instead of admiring your new beach sandals, finding the perfect beach ball will provide hours of fun in the sun.

Best Beach Ball

Here is a selection of the best beach ball for most people according to Beachita:

Sol Coastal Beach Behemoth Giant 12-Foot Beach Ball

(rated 4.9 / 5)
Value for Money
$91.15Updated Jul. 24, 2021

GoFloats Giant Inflatable Jumbo 6-Foot Beach Ball

(rated 4.8 / 5)
Value for Money
$36.71Updated Jul. 24, 2021

4E’s Novelty 12-Pack Inflatable 20-Inch Beach Ball

(rated 4.3 / 5)
Value for Money
$14.99Updated Jul. 25, 2021

Big Mo 12-Pack Inflatable 16-Inch Rainbow Beach Ball

(rated 4.2 / 5)
Value for Money
$13.99Updated Jul. 24, 2021

Intex Oversized Inflatable 3.5-Foot Beach Ball

(rated 4.6 / 5)
Value for Money

Buying Guide

Traditional Types for Fun at the Beach

This is the classic beach ball with the multi-color paneling everyone thinks of. Available in a wide range of sizes, colors and styles, this ball is made of child-friendly plastic and needs to be inflated before play begins.

They are used for a wide range of things outside of the beach. You can find them being tossed around at concerts or festivals. If you’re decorating a party or outdoor event, try mini beach balls in bulk to add a fun surprise adults and kids will love.

Options for Dry Sports

Beach balls used to play sports on dry land include volleyball beach balls. These balls are going to be a bit more expensive than the standard beach ball because the material is a bit heavier and thicker.

Sports beach balls aren’t for the smallest children because they weigh a little more in order to withstand high winds. They have surfaces that are a bit rougher, stitched seams and are water resistant. They also come in far fewer colors than their more playful traditional counterparts.

Balls for Water Sports

Beach ball games played in the water, like water polo, use beach balls with slightly different features than those made to play more freely. These balls are typically smaller to allow for greater control and can become furry when coming in contact with water to aid in gripping.

Skipping beach balls are waterproof and have very good accuracy for throwing, catching and skipping across the water. These types of balls are usually not inflatable but are smaller so they can travel easily.


What are your plans for this ball? If it’s an indoor event, a 12-in. beach ball is the most commonly used. The 16-inch ball is the most common size, and they come in the largest variety of colors and styles.

A small child won’t be able to play with a 48-inch beach ball because they can’t grip it or throw it around. Getting the right size beach ball can be the difference between it being the life of the party or deflating in the corner.


Although clear beach balls are an option, most go for the colorful choices. There are multi-color, solid and two-tone options available in just about every color you can think of.

If your child has a favorite color, go with that. If you’re planning a themed party, match the ball to the colors of the party. It may help to think about a color that is easy to spot if you’ll be in the sand while the kids are in the water. It’s up to you.


Beach balls come in a variety of styles that allow you to really show off your personality. If you love the planet or want a ball that is educational, beach ball globes fit the bill and are usually a hit with kids.

Novelty balls can get really weird in the best way. Some feature glitter or inflated animals on the inside of the ball and some are shaped like eyeballs. You can even get a beach ball personalized to shout out your favorite sports team.

Considerations for Inflating the Ball

Before you can play with this toy, you must inflate it. Most beach balls can be inflated using your mouth; simply blow into the ball until it has enough air in it and the fun can begin.

Depending on the size of the ball, your mouth may not be the best option. If you’re trying to inflate a giant beach ball, investing in a hand pump will save you a lot of time. You’ll also avoid the light-headedness that accompanies blowing it up on your own.


You don’t want air to easily escape the ball once you’ve started to inflate it. The best beach ball has a closure that includes a stopper. This prevents air from rushing out of the ball while it’s open.

You’ll also want to look for sturdy closures that don’t readily pop in or out of the ball. You don’t want it to pop open during play. Slight pressure should be needed to press it down and pulling it out should require a respectable amount of effort.

Durable Material

Beach balls are a toy that is made to be kicked, jumped on and hit, among other things. It needs to be able to withstand a really good beating.

A good beach ball should be hard to puncture if you want it to last a long time. Choose a ball that is made of vinyl PVC. The best beach ball will be made of think heavy-duty vinyl. Kids and adults will be able to play without the fear of it tearing.


Depending on where you’re going and how you’re getting there, you may want to choose a beach ball that doesn’t take much to set up. Mini beach balls are easy to blow up, take up very little room and deflate easily when it’s time to pack up.

Large beach balls, on the other hand, may require a pump to inflate effectively. You’ll want to remember to bring the pump or you may find that you’ll give up on inflating it using your mouth alone.

Be Prepared with Repair Patches

The risk of kicking and slapping an air-filled plastic toy around is that it could get punctured and lose air. There’s nothing worse than that. Instead of being unable to finish a game because the ball has gone from round to flat, look for balls that include a repair patch.

A repair patch covers the hole, presuming you can find it, and lets you get back to playing. It’s a convenient, quick-fix that will be much appreciated by the group.

Specialty Options

There are some beach balls that are much more than they appear to be. If you have children, there is a beach ball sprinkler they’ll love. When hooked up to the water hose, water shoots out in all directions.

If you’re going to be at the beach at night, try a ball with a light feature. These balls are equipped with a built-in LED light that lights up whenever the ball is hit. This is a hit at any nighttime beach party and takes the fun up a notch.


Beach balls, even when inflated, don’t all play alike. Look at the age recommendation range for an indication of its firmness. Balls that are firmer are great for all ages including adults because they are more bounceable and throwable.

If a ball is pretty firm when inflated, but soft enough to play a fun game of dodgeball with, you have a winner. Firmer beach balls are also great for younger children who may not be able to manage a larger ball just yet.


When adults want to have fun on the beach, look for a weightier ball. These are made out of vinyl like the others, but use plastic that is twice as thick as the industry standard.

By no means will it be heavy, but the added weight makes it great to throw around on the beach. Balls that are too light are almost impossible to throw or kick around in the lightest wind. A heavier model will allow you to have more play time if the wind picks up.


You won’t be surprised to learn that there’s a spectrum of prices when it comes to purchasing a beach ball. A heavy duty beach ball is going to cost more, but it will last much longer than one that is made of thin plastic.

The way it looks is a big deal but don’t forget to consider who it’s for or where you’ll be using it. The best beach ball is going to be one everyone can play with and won’t stress you out if it gets holes or pops.

Sol Coastal Beach Behemoth Giant 12-Foot Beach Ball

My pick for best beach ball is: Sol Coastal Beach Behemoth Giant 12-Foot Beach Ball. This choice was made after 45 hours of research.

$91.15Updated Jul. 24, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deflate a beach ball?

Is there anything sadder than deflating a beach ball? It’s the ultimate signifier that the day has concluded.

Deflating it is not too difficult. You want to open the air valve to allow air to escape. By pinching the base of the air valve, you let the air out much faster. A good tip is to push a straw into the hole to keep the valve open. Once most of the air is gone, you’ll want to fold or roll it to squeeze the remaining air out for complete deflation.

How do you repair a ball if it is leaking air?

A vinyl patch kit can repair a patch pretty quickly, but it is a temporary fix. Those looking for a permanent solution will want to try a liquid vinyl mender.

The hardest part is locating the leak as sometimes it is very small or the color of the ball makes it difficult to locate. After you locate the leak simply apply the liquid vinyl to the area. This keeps the hole from getting bigger and you don’t have to toss the ball in the trash.

How do you inflate a beach ball?

Blow your beach ball up by using your mouth, hand pump or electric inflator. Small hand pumps are usually a foot or less in length, are inexpensive, and are very handy to have.

When inflating a beach ball, one thing many people do incorrectly is overinflate the ball. Leave a few wrinkles in your beach ball then give the ball some time to acclimate to the air. After that, add a little air using your mouth. The rest of the wrinkles will smooth out. If it’s cold out, add a little bit more air when it becomes a bit limp.

How are beach balls measured?

Beach balls are measured from the end to end when they are deflated and laid flat. When many U.S. buyers receive their ball, they will find that the diameter given is a bit smaller than expected. This is usually because the balls are most often made overseas and the measurements are a bit different.

Since there is no industry standard when it comes to sizing, it can be frustrating to some, but look for accurate pictures and as many reviews and details as you can find.

Can a bicycle pump be used to inflate a beach ball?

Most inflatable beach balls can be blown up by mouth, but it you’re inflating multiple balls or have a gigantic one, a pump is the right way to go.

It’s important to use a hand pump or electric pump that uses low pressure. Bicycle pumps should never be used to inflate a ball. These pumps will cause premature seam rips or create small leaks in the ball that will make it useless much faster than it should have been.

Sol Coastal Beach Behemoth Giant 12-Foot Beach Ball

My pick for best beach ball is: Sol Coastal Beach Behemoth Giant 12-Foot Beach Ball. This choice was made after 45 hours of research.

$91.15Updated Jul. 24, 2021


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